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Age appropriate chores guide for children

When Olivia was around 18 months old I started realising how simple chores around the house can actually be fun for kids. Even from such a young age she thought it was hilarious to put dirty clothes into the washing machine and use the vacuum cleaner around our little home. Often when I was washing up dishes I set her up with her own washing up station. She would wash some plastic cups and plates in a small bucket of soapy water. I always placed the bucket on a towel as the excitement of the water and bubbles was sometimes too much for her, but that is all part of the fun! I honestly believe that involving & teaching children simple chores at any age will make your life much easier as they get older. It can be hard in the beginning, and it is always much faster to do things ourselves, but if we never attempt to get the kids involved we are only going to feel frustrated and perhaps resentful about always doing everything.

Everyone seems to agree that kids need to do chores at some stage, but there are differing views about which chores are appropriate at different ages. I’ve had the attached age related chores guide hanging in my kitchen for the past 8 years. Now all 4 kids get involved! Many, many friends have taken a photo of it and thought it was fabulous so I thought I would share it with all of you today too. The attachment is a guide only, but one that I have found to work well for our family.

Click on this link to download or print the chores chart.

Thank you to Mique from for making this available

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