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Keeping calm during the Christmas Chaos!

You find yourself standing in line for a door buster sale in what feels like the dead of night. You're shoulder to shoulder with the masses at this unrighteous hour because it's too hard to shop in the daytime with kids in tow, and everything, including your personal well-being, is ready to bow in pursuit of a basket full of great holiday deals. But do you really need to sacrifice your health? No, not with dōTERRA! Try these simple ideas using five of our favourite essential oils.

Keep Peppermint standing ready on the bedside table when your morning alarm sounds. A deep inhale, and you're energized for this early start! Don't leave it at home though; you might make some new friends by sharing this bottled secret that helped you overcome your urge to stay in bed. Who doesn't love the minty, fresh scent of peppermint, especially during the holiday season? Oh, and you'll definitely want to rub a drop or two on your temples to help you stay alert behind the wheel as you negotiate holiday traffic jams!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone got along on at this time of the year, letting each other go first and waiting patiently for their turn at the register? Well, that isn't likely to happen; but don't let stress get the best of you. Put a drop or two of Balance into your palm, rub your hands together, and cup them over your nose for a deep inhale. Warm, woody, and calming - feel better? Now you can finish up and get home for that nap.

In your mad dash through retail wonderland, you'll be touching multiple surfaces which many, many other hands have touched. The last way you want to ring in the holiday season is by not staying healthy! This trick takes a tiny bit of pre-planning, but I promise it's easy. Prepare a small glass spray bottle with 1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel, 20 drops of dōTERRA On Guard, and enough water to fill the bottle. Shake it up and give it a special place in your purse. Keep it handy throughout the morning to give your immune system some TLC! A quick spray and rub after every retail adventure will treat your hands (and the rest of you) to the warm, spicy aroma of clean.

Alert, balanced, and protected, your dōTERRA stash has helped you remarkably through your busy day shopping! Now it's time to relax and try the uplifting blend Cheer to celebrate making it through the day!

When it's finally time to settle down for the night, do yourself a favour and take advantage of one of dōTERRA's greatest gifts to us: Serenity blend. You deserve some blissful repose after an insanely busy day! Sweet dreams and happy holidays.

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