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Morning and Evening Routine Chart

One of the things that I’ve enjoyed teaching our children over the years is how to take on simple responsibilities around the home. These can be as easy as brushing their hair in the morning or picking up toys before bedtime. As they get older, they start to do things without me even asking which is always great. It’s like I’ve programed them after years of teaching and practice so after breakfast all I need to say is can you take care of your morning tasks and they know exactly what tasks I’m asking them to do.

I’m sharing with you today a free printable routine chart. The first page has spaces for both morning and evening routines. The second page has visual reminders of which tasks kids should be doing. Having a visual representation is important for children that can’t read yet. You can cut out the ones that apply to your family and place them in any order under morning or evening. Hang the finished chart where the kids can see it, and they’ll be able to self-monitor their routines.

Click on this PDF to download or print the printable routine chart.

What’s the most important part of your morning or evening routine?

Thank you to Mandi from for making this available

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