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Cleaning your mobile phone...

Most people don’t really give a second thought to using their mobile phone everywhere...⁣


From their morning commute to the dinner table to the doctor’s surgery and perhaps even the toilet (sorry, but we all know it’s true)!⁣


But research suggests that our mobile phones are in fact one of the dirtiest items we own. ⁣


Pretty gross when you think about it right?! ⁣


Fortunately there are some simple ways to make sure your mobile phone is kept clean and germ free


I’m constantly using doTERRA’s On Guard Sanitizing Mist to fight any nasty germs and bacteria that might be lurking around.⁣


All you need is a small microfiber cloth and a couple of sprays of the sanitiser, then simply wipe down the surface of your phone. ⁣


I aim to do this a couple of times a week and also grab my husbands too whilst I’m at it! ⁣


On Guard is fantastic for killing bacteria and it’s ultra fine mist ensures it’s quick drying, not to mention it smells amazing, providing an uplifting citrus yet spicy aroma. ⁣


Do you often think to clean your mobile phone?

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