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Diffuser Blends for Children

As a mum of 4 children, I’m so incredibly thankful to have natural options to support my kids health + wellbeing 🙏🏽

I started using essential oils in my home 5 years ago, just before my fourth child was born, so I’ve been using oils around and on her for all of her life.

Here are some of my go-to oils + diffuser blends for babies and kids of all ages.

🍃Calm - balance, peace + wild orange

🍃Ears - tea tree + lavender

🍃Focus - tangerine, peppermint + rosemary

🍃Immune Support - frankincense + lemon + on guard

🍃Respiratory Support - siberian fir + lime + black spruce

🍃Sleep - frankincense, lavender + roman chamomile

🍃Skin - cedarwood + frankincense + lavender

🍃Tummy - wild orange + roman chamomile

🍃Teething - frankincense, copaiba + roman chamomile

Just one little reminder I have to mention...

Whenever you are using oils on little ones, it’s important to do your research about which oils are appropriate and at what age. You should ALWAYS dilute oils (mix with a carrier oil) before applying them topically.

Which one of these blends would you try first to help your family live a healthier, low tox life?

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