It really blows my mind sometimes when I stop to think about...⁣


Just how much goodness is packed into only one drop of doTERRA essential oils. ⁣


Lavender oil is one of my favourite oils, purely because its such a versatile oil with so many wonderful benefits like:⁣


Promotes a more peaceful sleep⁣

Soothes skin irritations⁣

Calms emotions and reduces stress⁣

Provides allergy relief⁣

Supports muscle and joint discomfort⁣


But that's only just one of doTERRA's are some of the benefits of just one drop of some other oils:⁣


1 drop of Lemon gets sticky residue off surfaces⁣

1 drop On Guard supports the immune system⁣

1 drop Motivate helps promote more confidence⁣

1 drop of Balance can calm the mind⁣

1 drop of Peppermint provides an energy boost⁣


Which is your favourite to use?

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