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Starting my day today the right way ⁣

The doTERRA Lifelong Vitality supplements make taking the first step on the path toward a lifetime of vitality and wellness convenient and affordable.⁣

The three core products of the LLV are:⁣

Alpha CRS®+⁣

xEO Mega®⁣

Microplex VMz®⁣

All formulated to provide you with targeted levels of essential nutrients and powerful metabolic factors for optimal health, energy, and longevity.⁣

And guess what?!⁣

You can receive a Lifelong Vitality Pack for FREE (save $115) when you buy a starter pack in October and then follow up with a qualifying LRP order in November. ⁣

Have you tried LLV yet? Perhaps now is the perfect opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

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