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This is a question I get asked A LOT so I guess today I just want to share with you my 'why'...⁣


I'm not sure if you have noticed but it seems as though essential oils are everywhere right can find them at the chemist, in grocery stores, online and even at your local markets!⁣


But unfortunately NOT all oils are made the same and often they contain fillers or other elements that dilute and alter the purity, which in turn diminishes the healthful qualities of the oil.⁣


That's why I choose doTERRA because I know exactly what I'm getting...⁣


Unmatched quality⁣

Strict and sustainable growing and harvesting ⁣

Thorough testing practices⁣

Ongoing support and education⁣


As a mum with a young family, I take our health very seriously and so I figure if there are any products we are all breathing in aromatically, applying topically and sometimes even ingesting, then it needs to be the highest quality. ⁣


Thanks to doTERRA, I have every bit of confidence in their oils and their brand ⁣


If you're ready to start using quality oils in your home, message me and let's get you started on your oil journey!

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